Grain bin monitoring

Bin Sense Live, remote grain monitoring system

BIN-SENSE Live® reports moisture and hot spots before they become a problem. You get real-time data that you can access remotely from any location. You can customize your settings so you'll get a notification on your phone if the spoilage risk is high.

How it works: Each yard site requires a Master Bin Sense Live Module. This unit is Solar Powered and creates the data link to the Bin Sense Cloud where your data is stored. Communication is done via Cell Signal. The Master Unit monitors one grain bin. It also communicates with the other bins in the same yard up to 300 yards away. Moisture & Temperature upper and lower limits can be set by you from your Smartphone. Bin Sense Live will monitor your bins 24/7 and send you alerts via Text/Email if an alarm situation occurs. You can also Log On to check your bins anytime you choose. There is an optional Fan Control Module that can be supplied to you. This enables you to turn fans ON/OFF Remotely.

Grain bin moisture and temperature cables

We offer BIN-SENSE® and OPI bin cables that can be temperature only or a combination of temperature and moisture. Either brand of cable will work with the StorMax handheld meter, Bin Sense Direct and Bin Sense Live. Cable length vary in size depending on your grain bin height.

Bin Sense Direct

How does it work? BIN-SENSE® Direct is an on-site handheld grain monitoring reader. Simply plug the reader into your bin cables and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, giving you a touch screen view of your stored grain. The reading arrives on the app, not on the reader.

You have to be present at your bins to take a BIN-SENSE® Direct reading, but with this economical way to monitor your grain, you’ll be rewarded for your effort.


If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us and we'll help you out right away.

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