About Us

My name is Randy George. I am the owner and operator of Range Communications LTD. I started the company in 2020 noticing a high demand for residential and rural communication solutions. With technology rapidly changing and everything going wireless, I saw a need for my technical skills and services.

Here is a brief description of my education and skills:
I attended the Electronic Systems Engineering Technology program at SIAST Kelsey Campus in 2004. After that I was the Field Manager for Benchmark Data Solutions in Alberta for 3 years performing cell tower installations, satellite and internet services, computer packages and two-way radios. I also worked for SaskTel for 4.5 years installing residential internet and troubleshooting rural telecommunication lines. I have been a partner with Flatland Oil Services from 2014 to 2020 supplying oilfield communication rentals. I have been the Carlyle SK area rep for Access Communications since 2014.

I started Range Communications so I could work more directly with the customers and help serve them better with my experience and extensive knowledge in communications and electronic systems.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

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